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#13650736 Feb 11, 2018 at 09:04 PM
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During this week we have talked logistics for a possible merge together with the guild Parental Guidance.
This is due to a lack in attendance for our AQ40 progression raids, an instance we all want to complete.

From this talk we have reached a consesus on general concerns. Here is a list of those agreements

  1. We will remake a fresh guild and make sure we unite as one
  2. Remaking of officer/class leader ranks will be necessary, approximately split 50/50
  3. The dkp system we use will remain, with the addition of a ruleset for restrictions to not waste items (like we do now)
  4. Raid times are as before 19:30-23:00
  5. Raid days will be Wednesday, Thursday and a 3rd day that we will vote on together once merged
  6. Consumables will be expected for every raid, flask only for C'thun (so far)

So with these changes there might be some concerns regarding member status, by default every player of Fallen Empire will carry over if desired.
We still appreciate each and every one of you, and your status will remain the same.
There is just a need more core players for us to proceed with AQ40.
If you are dedicated and you do well, you should have no fear for this change.

Consider this nothing more than a mass recruitment, these guys have a very similar mindset as we already do. The merge is only to progress AQ, and create a more competetive environment in our raids. If you want to kill C'thun, this is necessary!

Any questions you have regarding this you can direct to me

#13793369 Jun 13, 2018 at 02:54 PM
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Now you can come back!
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