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AQ Training

Date: Feb 02, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Sackvolter
Category: Raids
We want to practice for AQ40 on the Test Server.
Tank (4)

1. Happlahana Warrior

2. Letmetankpls Warrior

7. Beelzemut Warlock

M. yammen Warrior

Damage (2)

3. Snapster Warrior

6. Khnuwb Mage

Support (2)

4. Nirvaner Shaman

5. Totoxyy Druid



I could join at 20:00
You really shouldnt award dkp for raid that are outside the schedule, it's not fair to the people who can't join or play every day.

If it's on a raid night, I'd say sure, it's fair - but this just isnt.
thats why i said its posible. the time is discussable
Still wrong imo, sure people could choose to spend their time there on a off night, thats their own business but to reward them DKP and thereby giving them a advantage over others is just wrong.

I'd even say it was wrong if you told us to farm herbs for gold for the Gbank on a saturday and give us DKP, its not a raid night, and people might not be able to attend it cause they plan stuff around the raid schedule.

I'm not salty cause I can't attend, I've done AQ40 I know most of the stuff in my head. I just dont think it's fair to people with a social or family life to be punished caus they can't play all day or night.
Totally agree with Rulle's post
there will be no dkp-rewards for these. only standard raid days.
we wont punish ppl for having a real life.
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