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AQ PROGRESS + Parental Guidance

Date: Feb 13, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: hacke
Category: Raids
We need 20 core players for this run, it's essential you come prepared.

This is the time to progress!
Attending (24)

1. yammen Warrior

2. Doggyboy Mage

3. Sprutz Warrior

4. Ainominako Warlock

5. Milchmann Warrior

6. Tunatime Shaman

7. Rullemarie Warrior

8. Snapster Warrior

9. FsMage Mage

10. afkfarmer Hunter

11. Bleyend Rogue

12. Bigboymarko Warrior

13. Aitutaki Warlock

14. Lorre Rogue

15. Roddington Mage

16. Zederic Mage

17. Deadlord Shaman

18. Badtaste Warlock

19. Plechykurwa Rogue

20. Totoxyy Druid

21. Redoxx Warrior

22. Mattes Priest

23. roku Shaman

24. Nuzzuk Shaman

Maybe (2)

M. Happlahana Warrior

M. Dqdomrazz Shaman

Declined (2)


not @home -> maybe @laptop
Not sure if i'll be at home
Will we still sign up for raids here after the merge?

And how will it be decided, who can join the raid? Just a personal question, since I saw that they have several geared warlocks.
will we start at 7:30?
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