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AQ PROGRESS + Parental Guidance

Date: Feb 06, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: hacke
Category: Raids
We need 20 core players for this run, it's essential you come prepared.

This is the time to progress!
Tank (4)

1. Happlahana Warrior

2. yammen Warrior

8. Milchmann Warrior

14. Letmetankpls Warrior

Damage (23)

3. Nachtkoenich Rogue

4. Rullemarie Warrior

5. Doggyboy Mage

6. Laxative Mage

7. Lehti Priest

9. Snapster Warrior

11. Ainominako Warlock

13. Zederic Mage

15. Lorre Rogue

16. Verdishy Warlock

17. Aitutaki Warlock

19. Bigboymarko Warrior

21. Redoxx Warrior

25. Jimmynewtron Rogue

27. FsMage Mage

29. realnovembre Rogue

33. Warfix Warrior

M. Badtaste Warlock

M. Khnuwb Mage

M. Elektrohoden Hunter

M. Cheaptrickz Rogue

M. Roddington Mage

M. Omecron Warrior

Support (13)

10. Totoxyy Druid

12. Tunatime Shaman

18. Easykills Warrior

20. Sackvolter Priest

22. Dqdomrazz Shaman

23. Mattes Priest

24. stukaz Druid

26. Dalmoria Shaman

28. roku Shaman

30. Deadlord Shaman

31. Grindewalde Priest

32. Healforfree Priest

M. Rakthall Shaman



I will most likely not be able to get DM buffs, but I will be online for ZG/Onyxia buff at 19.30 / 19.45 ish.
It is my sons birthday, so I will spend some time with him before hes going to bed 😁

I wont be late for raid however.
If we do AQ40 we cant get world buffs ;-)
I have a Dr. appointment to go to at this time.
I will be out in the woods around 12st-20:00st. But If I can make it home earlier I can probably come!
Wenn die bahn mitspielt sollte ich pünktlich sein
Don't know if i will make it..
I'm so sorry guys I wont be able to make it it seems; i'm starting at a new job so until I finish with the educational/practise part my schedule is uncertain. But once i'm done with that i will most likely be working morning shifts (i specifically asked for that and they said it's probably ok) so I hope I will be able to raid most days. It should be over by the end of this week, really sry if this caused any inconvenience!
no problem. job comes first. thx for letting us know and gl
i wont be able to make it today, but from tomorrow on i can raid again!
21+ as usual
Do you work until 21.00?, I've always wondered but I keep forgetting to ask😀
Will be abit late due to a work-meeting.