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hacke / Jun 13, 2018

Hello everyone,yes, we are doing it again! We going to play on Northdale. This time as Alliance!Everything is as usual.We aim to clear all raid content fast and time efficient because we all hate wasting time and gold. This also means we have 3 ra...

hacke / Jun 08, 2018

Someone wants to reform and clear Nax?Don't give up yet! We still can try to clear it!Okay, let's face it. I logged in after the merge and its a pain to see that we haven't ended the vanilla journey yet. For me, the only reason to play this old 40...

hacke / Jan 28, 2018

Hiho,i have setup a Testserver for AQ and Nax.You can get your Items and Skills in OG.See:,Hacke

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